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Na Fan 樊娜

Mandarin teacher (K-9)

​BASIS Independent

Brooklyn New York, NY

I first discovered QTALK at a workshop and was blown away by its approach!

I had always used images in my teaching and found it very effective, yet QTALK has brought visual language teaching/learning to the next level! 

It is astonishing to see how fast my students can learn Chinese using QTALK.

This method is genius!
Now I am proud to be a QTALK writer sharing this great method with many more people!

Agnès Tarashev

French teacher, language school owner

Stuart Country Day School, Princeton, NJ

Go French Language School, Switzerland​

When Maurice Hazan introduced me to his method in 1998, I was immediately impressed by its potential and innovative approach to the teaching and studying of a foreign language. Since then, I have taught only with this method (Symtalk/Qtalk): at US schools for 5 years and in private lessons in Switzerland for the past 12 years.

Qtalk's method guides children and adults through the construction of authentic sentences and encourages them to be creative in a foreign language without burdening them with complex grammar rules. This opens a whole range of possibilities to the teacher, who can easily invite students to play with words and linguistic structures.

Besides textbooks, Maurice Hazan has also created a wide range of teaching tools. The games, for example, are amazing because they make it natural for the students to speak only in the target language (one activity game could last 10 to 15 minutes!). Of course, students do make an effort to express themselves in a foreign language but they don’t realize it, they play!

Qtalk is not comparable to any other teaching method that I am aware of. Efficiency, creativity, variety and fun: this is Qtalk!

Carrie Forrester

Spanish Teacher

​Admiral Farragut Academy

St. Petersburg, FL

The QTALK curriculum is engaging, interactive and fun.

Students love the colorful pictures and are quick to memorize the vocabulary.

I even had one student who could not think of the English word for a picture!

From day one students are reading and speaking grammatically-correct sentences which gives them a huge sense of accomplishment.

Mona Ding

Mandarin teacher (9-12)

Nueva School

​Hillsborough, CA

My students love QTALK, especially students who have been struggling with Chinese!

QTALK makes learning Chinese fun and easy!

Grace Heebner

Mandarin teacher

Washington Township

​Indianapolis, IN

Because the symbols/pictures are self-explanatory, I am able to use Chinese 100% of the time when teaching.

I cannot say enough good things about QTALK! My students still remember what I taught them two years ago!!

I highly recommend schools with Chinese language programs think “outside the box” and give QTALK a try!”

Celia Nagle

Spanish teacher

Loudoun County, VA

This method truly develops fluency and oral comprehension in the foreign language.

In fact, [our students’] oral production and comprehension is developing at a faster rate since we have been using this program.

I would certainly recommend this program to other schools.

You will see a noticeable increase on your students’ language development.

Dr. Francois VanLeen

San Diego University, Language Acquisition Resource Center

San Diego, CA

As a French teacher I have been using QTALK method for several years both to familiarize my students to the new phonological and grammatical structures they were exposed to and to put an emphasis on the oral  process.

This unique approach has shown a great potential, especially with learners who were not particularly interested in acquiring a new language, because it is both simple and engaging.

Later on, I decided to use QTALK for my own research studies about the psycho-cognitive process of oral comprehension among non-native French speakers and it gives me positive results.

Xiaoxia Rao 饶晓霞

Mandarin teacher (9-12)

Ponanganset High School

​North Scituate, RI

我和我们 Level 1的学生今天试用了QTALK。



Jing Zhao 赵敬

Mandarin teacher (9-12)

Springfield High School

​Springfield, OH





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