Bring the fun of playing cards into your classroom with mini-Q-Cards to support lots of oral production opportunity for each student! These cards display the images but not the words, so the student must remember how to say the word, in order to succeed at game play. Four options available:

  1. Sapling 2010 (1 set): 280 cards in total, based on ¿De Dónde Vienes? (2010 Edition).
  2. Sapling 2010 (5 set): 5 sets in total, 280 cards per set, based on ¿De Dónde Vienes? (2010 Edition).
  3. Vacaciones Sueños (1 set): 380 cards in total, based on Las Vacaciones de sus Sueños textbook.
  4. Vacaciones Sueños (5 set): 5 sets in total, 380 cards per set, based on Las Vacaciones de sus Sueños textbook.

Spanish Sapling Mini Q-Cards

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