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Las Vacaciones de sus Sueños (Student Edition)

Las Vacaciones de sus Sueños (Student Edition)

SKU: B-SB2-321-14-1

Sapling Book 2: Las Vacaciones De Sus Sueños Is the progression from Sapling Book 1: ¿De Dónde Vienes? . It includes new vocabulary of 450 words and an introduction to the past tense. The book is composed of a continuous story in 8 Chapters.  The main topics explored are:

  1. Conjugation in the plural
  2. The present progressive, articles and directions
  3. Adverbs  Genders, Adjectives and Seasons  
  4. Family and professions
  5. Object pronouns and the Imperative mode
  6. The preterite / The imperfect
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