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French Playing Cards (Seed & Sprout)

French Playing Cards (Seed & Sprout)

This set of card games is the ideal group activity. The first player to get rid of all his/her cards wins the round. This strategy game is played using a similar rule as UNO and GoFish. There are 5 categories:

  1. Animals and actions
  2. Animals and adjectives
  3. Objects and colors
  4. Places and objects
  5. Fruits and numbers

Each category has about 100 cards. Two options available:

  • Single pack: 5 categories, 1 deck each.
  • Full pack: 5 categories, 4 decks each.
  • For School Purchases Using PO

    Please send the PO to
    Your order will be processed once we receive your PO. We will notify you via email of its receipt.

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