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English Tree Q-Cards

English Tree Q-Cards

SKU: Q-EAQ1-409-15-1

This set of Q-Cards comes in four 12 x 6 x 6 inch corrugated boxes containing a total of 476 5x5 inch laminated, magnetized Q-Cards divided into 8 color-coded categories: 

  1. Subjects - Blue
  2. Verbs - Green
  3. Places/Events - Red
  4. Food - Purple
  5. Objects - Orange
  6. Time/Weather - Pink
  7. Transportation - Teal
  8. Various - Yellow (contains a mix of prepositions, conjunctions, articles and expressions)
  9. Adjectives/Adverbs - Grey

This is the most complete set of QCard collection. This set, except for around a dozen of English-specific conjunctions and articles, can be used when teaching any other languages.

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