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English Student Online Account

English Student Online Account


*NOTICE: The student account CANNOT BE PURCHASED ALONE. It can only be purchased and linked when there is an existing teacher account.


The QTALK® online account Includes digital content for the designated level (Seed, Sprout, Sapling, or Tree) that will be available for one calendar year. Every level includes electronic interactive flip books, downloadable assessment, online games and many more.


Student account:

-Students will have their own username and password to ensure their privacy.

-Their accounts will also be set up to link to their teacher's.

-Online flip books help student preview and review at their own pace. Various forms of online games help students further master the language.

-Downloadable practice books make homework fun for students

  • For School Purchases Using PO

    Please send the PO to
    Your order will be processed once we receive your PO. We will notify you via email of its receipt.


    *For multi-year adoption, please contact us via email.

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