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"趣味汉字" 100 Fun Characters

"趣味汉字" 100 Fun Characters

SKU: B-C100C

趣味汉字100 专为中文初学者设计,通过充满趣味的图片,介绍汉字从象形字的演变,帮助学生理解并记忆100个基础汉字,掌握对它们的书写,同时引入中国文化。

100 Fun Chinese Characters has 100 Chinese characters that are essential to beginners. The fun and vivid illustration of characters makes them easy to comprehend and memorize. For each character, there is clear explanations of character structures and stroke-writing sequence. It also introduces Chinese culture to language learners by showing how Chinese characters' modern form evolved from ancient pictograms. 

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