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《梦想之旅》故事集 "Journey of Dreams" Story Book

《梦想之旅》故事集 "Journey of Dreams" Story Book

《梦想之旅》故事书上下两册,在萌芽版图片教材的基础上,通过生动形象的人物和贴近生活的故事进一步拓展词汇并增大语言的实用性和复杂性。上册包含Volume 1-2 (第1-4课),下册包含Volume 3-4 (第5-8课)。每课末都有相关的词汇、对话和拼音练习题加以巩固。

"Meng Xiang Zhi Lv" Journey of Dreams Story Books introduce more complex vocabulary and sentence structures on top of the Sprout textbooks through interesting characters and fun stories. Book 1 contains Volume 1-2 (Chapter 1-4), and Book 2 contains Volume 3-4 (Chapter 5-8). After each chapter, there are vocabulary, linking, dialogue and pinyin exercises for solidifying and practicing the knowledge.

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