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"我爱说中文”萌芽汉字版 Sprout Character Book

"我爱说中文”萌芽汉字版 Sprout Character Book



  • 上册:1-10课;下册:11-20课。


“WO AI SHUO ZHONG WEN” Sprout level is designated for intermediate (1-4th grade) learners. On top of the Picture books, this Character edition associates the pictures and Pinyin to the corresponding Chinese characters. As evidenced in classroom practices, students will obtain the ability of recognizing and reading the basic Chinese characters upon finishing the books.

This edition is divided into two parts, containing over 600 common vocabulary in total, plus exercise and quizzes.

  • Part 1: Lesson 1-10.
  • Part 2: Lesson 11-20.
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