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句子接龙 Chinese Sentence Scrabble

句子接龙 Chinese Sentence Scrabble

SKU: G-CSS-504

这个游戏能激发学生造很长的句子! 每张能意会的图卡,代表一分,句子越长得分越高!。学生可用图卡造句,再连结新字、新词,把已造好的句子加长。教师只需在旁计分!这套教具包括240张主词、动词、受词、时间副词、连接词等卡片。好玩而有趣!
How about a game that makes students want to create the longest sentences possible!  Magnetic, laminated cards are based on the Q-Card vocabulary image library used in the QTalk “In Pictures” curriculum. Each card is assigned a point value. Players use the cards to make or add on to sentences by connecting new words. Player must speak their sentence correctly in order to receive points. The role of the teacher is to keep score! This set includes a total of 240 cards featuring subjects, verbs, objects, times of day, conjunctions, etc... 

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