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写字游戏 Chinese Writing Game

写字游戏 Chinese Writing Game

SKU: G-CWG-084

教授学生汉字的最好方法!游戏带有11” x 17”双面可擦写的磁力板。板上写有包括代表主语,谓语,宾语以及时间词的共76个词汇。根据板上的词汇,学生可以在磁力板上写下自己的句子并轻松擦除。这个有趣的游戏可被用于听写,造句或作为一种检验学生的小游戏。游戏内含:25个白板,25支标记笔,25块板擦,和一份说明书。
This is the perfect way to introduce students to Chinese characters. Double-sided 11” x 17” laminated boards work with a total of 76 words including subjects, verbs, objects and times of day. students can write sentences and then easily erase them. This instructional tool can be used for dictation, creative writing or as a unique strategy game. Set includes 25 boards, 25 markers with erasers and manual.

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