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Classroom Instructions


How do I place an order?

  • You can order directly our online store at We accept debit/credit cards, bank trasfer, or Paypal. (For schools with tax exemption, please send the exemption certificate to We will issue a tax refund through your original payment method within 5-7 business days.​)

  • You can also request a quote or electronic invoice from us with the item numbers and quantity. The item numbers can be found under the products section. Please send all quote requests to

  • If you already have a quote from us, please send the purchase order containing the quote# to or fax it to 212-219-9895.

  • We can also take orders over the phone at 877-549-1841.

What age group/level is QTALK suitable for?

  • We have curriculum for different age groups from K-12 and beyond. We use a horizontal and vertical curriculum design, where students can select levels based on their age as well as proficiency level. Each of those levels start from the very basics assuming students have zero language background. There are usually 3-4 parts of the core textbook in one level, so students can go from part 1 to part 3 or 4 as they proceed in a few years. For K-5, our program is sufficient to be used as core. From middle to high school, it is more of a supplement. However, our program can help students develop communicative skills at a very early learning stage, and facilitate them in acquiring other skills such as listening, reading, and writing much faster.

What national standards are QTALK curriculum based on?

  • Our Spanish curriculum are aligned with the ACTFL standards, and our Chinese curriculum are based on HSK standards. If your district has your own curriculum and are interested in our program, we'd be happy to discuss possible customization. Please feel free to send your inquiries to

How can I meet/see QTALK in person?

  • Our Team is attending various regional and national language conferences every year. You can follow our social media accounts, or subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletters. We can also send our language specialist to your school for demonstration or training. In addition, our founder, Maurice Hazan, who recently presented our method on TEDx Talk, is a professional trainer in linguistics and teaching. If you are interested in having him over for a PD session, please feel free to contact us for more details.


Does the digital license need to be renewed every year?

  • If you are purchasing the license year by year, then yes. However, if you would like to purchase multi-year licenses (e.g., 3-year or 5-year licenses), we’d be glad to send you a quote. Please send all quote requests to

Do I need to purchase an account for each teacher even though they are teaching the same language at different time? Can they share one account?

  • No, teachers cannot share one account even though they teach at different time. Our online account saves the progress of game practices, lesson plans and many more. It is strongly advised that each teacher has his or her own account.

Can I purchase student accounts only?

  • Unfortunately, student accounts cannot be purchased separately. They must be linked to a teacher account to work. 

What’s the difference between printed books and digital books?

  • Our printed books are 100% aligned with their digital versions in your license. All printed textbooks are book and workbook 2-in-1. Students can write, color, cut all different activities in the printed books. The digital books have audios available so that you can cut down teacher talk in class and just be a facilitator of student interactions. If student have their individual license, they can review the books and practice after the audios anytime and anywhere.

I love the Q-Cards but the vocabulary in the set is limited. Are there any supplement words available?

  • We are a very dynamic and flexible team and we do customization all the time! We can customize flashcards for you based on your teaching objectives. Please feel free to email us the list of words you would like to have to, and we will customize them for you. However, customization is going to take time. Please kindly allow 2-3 weeks for us to process the order.

What assessment materials does QTALK have?

  • QTALK values assessment just as much as teaching. There are exercise pages and quizzes available in each textbook. If you are using our digital teaching platform, there are online games that can be used as in-classroom assessment or assignments. What’s more, we also offer a huge variety of physical board games where students can have fun while learning and practicing.

What’s the difference between teacher license and student license? 

  • Teachers have access to all the levels from their teacher accounts while students usually have access to one level at a time. Teacher licenses also include a sophisticated Teacher Dashboard, which allows you to assign homework, view student score reports, and monitor student activities.

Can I have access to more than one language from the same account?​​

  • Yes! If you are teaching more than one language, we've got you covered! Our images are consistent across levels and languages. Please feel free to request a quote for multi-language access at

-Classroom Instructions-

How do I teach reading/writing/grammar with this method?

  • Although our method emphasizes oral skills, our books and online games include exercises in reading, writing and syntax. With solid oral skills, you will find that your students gradually acquire other language skills with a faster pace. In this method, we teach grammar in context. For every sentence structure, we present a number of sentences first. After students read through these sentences, they will probably be able to figure out the pattern on their own. Then as teachers, we explain the grammar. In other words, we alter the traditional learning process of "theory first". We let the students learn through practice and experience.

Our school already has a core textbook. How can I use QTALK as supplement?

  • All of our textbooks are topic-based and contain a scope and sequence at the beginning. You can easily navigate and select the topic that fits your lesson plan. We also offer a unique tool called QTALK Blocks. It is an interactive image-vocabulary library that has thousands of images available. It goes beyond a simple image library by functioning fully automatically in sentence conjugations, audio playing, and text populating. In addition, our online games and board games are great supplement materials for exercise, practice and assessment.

How long does it take for students to become basically fluent in target language?

  • It is proven that students using our method to learn a language from zero can open their mouth and start speaking right after one lesson. For example, in one of the schools using QTALK who has three lessons per week, students achieved basic fluency (day-to-day conversations) after one semester. In another school that has 4-5 lessons/week, students achieved immersion-program-like fluency after one year. It depends on how frequent the lessons are, but you can see it takes much less time for students to achieve fluency using QTALK than any other traditional methods.


Does the digital license work on iPad, Chromebook, etc?

  • Yes, our program is website-based. You can access all the resources in your account on any tablet as long as you have internet connection. However, certain features such as the teacher dashboard are more convenient to use on a computer.

How do I add student accounts?

  • There are two ways to add student accounts. You can either forward us your student roster and we set up the classes and student accounts for you, or we can give you access to manually enter in the students one by one.

How do students log in?

  • Once students receive their own username and password, they can log in by clicking on "Log In" on the menu bar at our website:

Why can’t I see my students in my teacher dashboard?

  • Once you create your first assignment using your teacher dashboard, and your students complete the assignments, you will start to see student list and scores. Scores may take a few minutes to an hour to sync to your teacher dashboard after students complete an assignment.

How do I assign homework?

  • Please click here for a short tutorial.

Can I monitor my students activity in the books?

  • Unfortunately, this feature is not supported on our platform at this point, but every year we will update our system, so we are looking forward to add this feature very soon. 

Can I change the password by myself or do I have to go through you every time?

  • Unfortunately, this feature is not supported on our platform at this point, but every year we will update our system, so we are looking forward to add this feature very soon.

How can I delete a student account from Teacher Dashboard?

  • You can send us the list of students you would like to delete to and we will delete them for you. If your account has GUA access, you can log into your Teacher Dashboard, click on “enroll students”, then “list of users”. Drag the window to the very right and you’ll see a red cross delete sign. Click on that sign then refresh the page, and you’ll see the student has been deleted.

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