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What is QTALK®?

  QTALK® is a language learning method based on a series of icons placed grammatically and interpreted as full complex sentences. The pictorial icons serve as visual cues that enable students to talk. Using this method, students go through the three steps of Semantic Memory (i.e., encoding, storage and retrieval) via nonstop language production. It is based on Active Cognition, which means that students are active participants in the learning experience and the teachers become facilitators.

  Maurice Hazan, an artist, a linguist, and a teacher, native from Paris. He began his career as a French teacher in St. Louis, Missouri in the early 90's. Armed with a background in psychology, he realized that the basic principles of semantic memory were ignored in the field of language teaching and therefore, decided to create his own program.

Why QTALK® Works?

  QTALK® method recreates human’s experience of first language acquisition. Instead of learning grammar rules and writing, students learn to speak the language first. Due to the self-explanatory nature of the images, L1 translation is eliminated from the cognitive process. Teachers offer full immersion environment from the first class. 

QTALK® Founder Maurice Hazan on TED

QTALK® is widely adopted in more than 2000 schools with 100,000 students over the world.

It is endorsed by Dr. Geraci, neurologist at NYU. 

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