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Why QTalk?

Everyone can teach and learn languages with our visual teaching method.

Where to Begin?

Here you are! Welcome to our Getting Started page.

What's My Next Step?

Our QTalk teaching tools support many different teaching situations. Use the links on this page to find what YOU need, to get started with QTalk.

QTalk® materials - teaching tools, student books, manipulatives, and online subscriptions - are offered for eleven languages: Spanish, French, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Hindi, Hebrew, Italian, German, and American English (ESL).

The variety and quantity of material for each language reflects the experiences and insights of Maurice Hazan and his team of teachers at Tribeca Language, with ongoing feedback and suggestions from hundreds of language teachers, tutors and homeschool parents who have adopted the QTalk Method.

As you browse our products, printed and online books, online games and manipulatives, you will notice that our most complete suites of classroom materials and homeschool bundles are for K-12 Spanish, French and Chinese (Mandarin), , with especially wide variety of materials for your K-8 classroom.

For Japanese and Arabic (MSA), Arabic (MSA), we offer a book and associated suite in each language that may be perfect for your students - browse the materials and you will be able to determine how these QTalk suites or individual products can best fit into your current teaching situation.

For English (ESL), we offer a Level 1 student book and suite for teaching elementary school children, and also a student book for teaching adults. These are perfect for tutors who are working one-on-one or in small groups with new immigrants who need to begin speaking and understanding English quickly, especially when the student's first language uses a different writing system, when the teacher does not share the student's first language, or when a group of new English learners do not share a common first language.

For Italian, German, Hebrew, Korean, and Hindi we offer student books in printed as well as online editions. Browse the sample online books at

To learn more about the QTalk Method steps, visit our QTalk Teacher Training site.

QTalk Publishing LLC is a sole-source provider of our own unique QTalk® language teaching tools created by artist and veteran educator Maurice Hazan. We support and stand behind every product and subscription we sell.